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Demodex Control™ is natural OTC solution for treatment of humans with itchy face due to elevated number of skin parasites: D.Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. Ovante skin Care™ is exclusive distributor of Demodex Control™ products. Our web site offers complete sets to help humans to get rid of demodex mites of face, eyelashes, scalp and body. Brand Ovante™ is well known for its efficacy when it comes to treatment of demodicosis, rosacea, adult acne, scabies and blepharitis - inflammation of the eyelids.

Ovante™ natural remedies have effective solutions which can help to elliminate human skin parasites from the eyelashes and eyelids. For scalp and body folliculitis caused by demodex folliculorum we have medicated shampoo with anti bacterial and anti fungal  lotion.

Rosacea sufferers will find redness control remedies to help to control symptoms associated with demodectic rosacea. Our exclusive five star products for treatment of dogs and cats with sarcotic mange proven itself as number one otc product from pets owners.

Our cosmetic products will help you look younger, with real and lasting results. We offer proven, non-irritating formulations with active lipid complexes that will make your finelines and wrinkles disappear. Your skin will be smooth and firm, with a healthy glow.